Movement Menu: Easy ways to make it FUN!

MOVEMENT MENU:  Easy Ways To Make It FUN!

If you’re like me, even the thought of exercise makes me want to almost run in the opposite direction!  That is until I had an epiphany that I need to take care of my health and exercising should be FUN!  What I thought I had to do to work out to “be healthy” was really not the case.  I can engage in many types of activities to move my body and get into better shape and better health.  Here are just some of the various activities that you may find FUN, because if it’s PLEASURABLE, it’s easier to do even on a consistent basis!


Walking Bicycling Running
Horse back riding Swimming Karate
Dancing Jumping Rope Hop Scotch
Hiking Tae Kwan-do Yoga
Skiing Roller Skating Archery
Canoeing/Kayaking Having sex Aerobics
Zumba Weight lifting Play Tag
Hide-n-Seek Basketball Soccer
Golfing Volleyball Boccie Ball
Tennis / Racket ball Horse shoes Cornhole
Rowing Pilates Stretching
Pretend Tight Rope Walk Musical Chairs Skipping
Duck-duck-goose Flashlight Tag Belly dancing
Line/Square dancing Marching in place Stretching
Zip-lining Softball/baseball Taking the stairs

Add your own favorite activity to the list.  The key is to mix it up!  Have FUN with it!



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